Michelle, I do want to tell you that your gentle, intuitive, intelligent and thoroughly experienced care transports me to a level of peace and relaxation that is deeply healing and so welcome.  Your touch is magical. It is a privilege to know you.   I am grateful, also, for the knowledge you so generously share.   Love, Astri

Astri L

I have been working with Michelle for the past several years and it has been one of the most relaxing things I have done for myself. I have struggled with a number of health issues and anxiety in the past few years and my craniosacral and lymphatic massage treatments with Michelle have helped me experience a deep relaxation that has eluded me with other modalities. I love being on Michelle's table! Her caring and supportive spirit, her light touch and her offering of essential oils are all healing and restorative. I leave feeling at peace and thankful for the treatment - and for all that Michelle offers. She is lovely and amazing!

Joanne K.

Joanne Kelly

I've been working with Michelle on CS work since she began many years ago. My body and mind respond well to the practice and I have found relief in gut problems, jaw problems and stress problems. I appreciate the way Michelle incorporates and invites the Holy Spirit into her work so we are of one spirit. I love all the essential oil integration into the experience and Michelle has helped me find those that work best for me. I love the Qi Dong classes and workout. Michelle guides and informs every step of the way. I often fear body movement in case I injure myself and with Michelle I have little fear. In her latest blog she talks about animal CS treatment---I think my cat would benefit at age 16.

Bar Komp

I almost always go to sleep during a session. The way Michelle sets up the treatment room, with the right paint colors on the walls, to the proper amount of lighting regardless of time of day, to the white noise machine, to essential oils on occasion... it's like her work and the room setup perfectly complement each other! When I go in for an appointment, I always get both the lymphatic treatment and the craniosacral treatment, and always come away feeling more rested and more restored. Making an appointment with Michelle is definitely worth it!


I loved my sessions with Michelle so much that I sent my husband and son to her too! My son calls his time with Michelle “nap time” because he falls into deep sleep during his sessions.. Michelle is gentle and welcoming and truly gifted!


Life got too busy and Michelle was my answer. She helps me to slow down. Simply put, she's my reset button. I highly encourage others to try her out. She's warm, nurturing and very professional. Your whole being will be grateful! Thanks Michelle.

Ellen K

From the welcoming space, calming scents of essential oils, lovely simple decor, to the gentlest touches of Michelle's cranial sacral fingers, stresses simply melted away and I was at total peace. I always feel so relaxed and refreshed that I end up sleeping better... No one would have been able to fully communicate how beneficial this treatment to me. I am so thankful for having experienced this over the years.
Michelle also teaches Tai chi and other natural holistic practices and I have invited her to teach many groups of women who have benefited so much from her expertise.
Few know the origin of Michelle's search for health, but it is a powerful and miraculous story that not only has helped her heal but also blesses and helps so many others to receive healing and thus live far richer lives.
Thank You Michelle!!!


I am just coming from a from a session with Michelle. It is absolutely amazing what she's able to do with the lightest of all possible touches and the most intentional of energies I feel tremendously more calm at the same time a much stronger sense of Chi and well being
Somehow the extremely comfortable table becomes a magic carpet ride into new possibilities a sense of wellness and increased energy
A practitioner of the highest order .

Michael Birnbaum

Michelle is a true WHITE MAGICIAN! Feel relieved and rejuvenated after her healing touch. Send all my friends her way.

Nina Yunovich

I can honestly say that by far, the most effective treatment for my chronic insomnia has been biodynamic craniosacral therapy sessions with Michelle Bobier. For many years I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find a solution. It was my pattern to wake in the wee hours and be unable to fall asleep for two hours, only to run up against the alarm clock. Medical doctors have offered prescriptions, with mixed outcome and side effects.

The sessions with Michelle seem to have "reset" my brain in a very positive way. I still wake during the night, but am now almost always able to return to sleep within a couple of minutes. The difference is really quite amazing.

Michelle's treatment space is beautiful and a pleasure to visit. I always leave feeling like I've experienced a much needed vacation. I do not hesitate to offer my highest recommendation.

Elaine M.

Thanks again for the treatment, Michelle! Here's my feedback:
I appreciated the explanation both of the importance of the lymphatic system and what you noticed about my body. As an intelligent, curious, and slightly skeptical person, it helps me to know and understand what you were doing. I would love to hear even more about why one's lymphatic system can get blocked up and what would be the natural ways of keeping it flowing better. I found myself wondering while you were working why you needed to linger so long on certain areas, in fact, while I trust you, the skeptical part of me that is trained in the Western scientific model at times wondered whether you "doing anything" by simply holding/gently touching me. And the other part of me told me just to surrender to the process and see what came of it. I would also be curious about how regularly you would recommend that someone like me get treatment from you. I'm curious if you noticed anything else about my body that you felt would need treatment (other than the ear/sinus stuff).

I felt totally safe with you. I felt I could trust you. You conveyed calm mindfulness and confidence. I liked the setting of your office (it was peaceful, quiet, nice lighting, smelled nice, etc.).

In terms of how I felt afterwards, I felt an openness and warmth in my jaw right in front of my ear that I don't typically feel. I also thought that breathing through my nose seemed easier. I certainly felt relaxed and calm. I definitely had a positive experience over all.


Katie F.

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